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Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Southwest Jiaotong University was founded in 2018, June 6, established from Cloud Computing and Intelligent Technology Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, including the IEEE Fellow, members of the CPPCC National Committee, national excellent science and technology workers, member of the Information Science Department of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Education, ten thousand plan leading talent, the Yangtze river scholar, outstanding youth fund gainer, the youth of the one thousand, the national key research and development program focus on special/science and technology support plan / 863 expert group leader (deputy team leadermembers) high level research team. Existing postdoctoral, doctor, master graduate student 120 people, has taken on more than 60 international cooperation projects, the national key research projects, national science and technology support plan, 973, 863, the national natural science fund and provincial projects, published more than 500 papers (which is more than 300 SCI/EI retrieval), published 8 books, 18 proceedings of international conference, 10 SCI journal album, more than 30 patents. It has established a wide range of scientific and technological cooperation and exchange relations with many universities, research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad, which has a certain influence. The main research fields include big data intelligence, intelligent transportation, intelligent robot, intelligent city, automatic reasoning, cloud computing and so on.

Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Southwest Jiaotong University is to adapt to the era of big data information processing requirements, efforts to create a democratic, open, loose and the cooperation of academic and research environment, attract talented people all the world, actively undertake the international and national scientific research projects in the field of artificial intelligence related tasks, promote academic exchange and cooperation at home and abroad, develop the discipline overlapping, give full play to creativity and innovation for researchers to provide necessary guarantee. The goal is to reach the domestic leading level in the field of basic theory and applied research of artificial intelligence, and make important innovations in the forefront of technology, so as to accumulate knowledge, innovate technology and cultivate talents for the long-term development of national information technology. We will strive to build the institute into an important base for academic research, exchange and high-tech personnel training in the field of artificial intelligence, and become a leading research and application center of artificial intelligence in China with a certain international reputation.